Vaporesso Revenger 220W Box Mod

About Vaporesso many vapers know firsthand. It was this company that created such boxmodes as Tarot and Target. But as the industry does not stand still, Vaporesso recently unveiled its latest novelty, the boxer – Revenger 220W, which we will consider in this review.

Packing and equipment

The device is delivered in a black box of cardboard with a stylized image of the boxman, on the back of the package there are color-coded, bundled, as well as information about the manufacturer and a protective layer with a code for checking originality. - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting

The kit includes the box box itself in plastic form, under which are additionally: illustrated instructions for the boxman, including in Russian; USB cable; guarantee card.

Device Vaporesso Revenger 220W 1
User guide 1
Warranty card 1
Micro USB cable for charging and firmware 1
Branded packaging 1 - Free Image Hosting

Appearance and parameters

Vaporesso Revenger is made of an alloy of aluminum, and plastic. Made of metal framed frames and a back cover, everything else is quality plastic. Fashion design is memorable and attracts attention. The quality of assembly and finishing at the height to them no complaints. The only thing that upsets this is that glossy plastic surfaces collect fingerprints and will be covered with cobwebs from scratches during operation. For a two-batterie, the mod has a very modest weight, only 218g with batteries installed. - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting

The boxman connector is a 510th, steel, pin, made of brass and has a large spring-loaded stroke. The size of the connector platform allows installing atomizers up to 28 mm in diameter. And, importantly, in this boxmode the central location of the connector is realized. - Free Image Hosting

On the front side of the device there are control buttons “+”, “-” and “Menu”, as well as a large screen with a diagonal of 0.96 inches. The screen displays the power, temperature, spiral resistance, voltage and amperage supplied to the atomizer, the status bar showing the discharge of the batteries and the number of your puffs. Control buttons do not hang out, pressing and clicking “read” well. Below the buttons is located the micro USB connector, designed to update the firmware and charge the batteries in the box mode. - Free Image Hosting

On the other side of the boxman there is a convenient button “Fire”. The button has a nice click and a slight stroke before triggering. Only the upper part of the button reacts to pressing. - Free Image Hosting

The battery cover is securely held by six magnets, any luff of the lid is completely missing when squeezed in the hand. But to open the lid you have to try hard. There is no obvious cutout or button, with which this same cover could be removed. The manufacturer, apparently, felt that all users will have long enough nails and they will easily be able to grope for a half millimeter protruding the edge on one of the faces. - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting

The battery compartment is plastic, with two contact groups marked with polarity. Unfortunately, the ribbon for removing the batteries is missing, and they have to be removed either by resorting to improvised means such as a screwdriver, or simply shaking out of the battery compartment. - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting

The device is powered by two connected in series, high-current 18650 batteries. - Free Image Hosting

Vaporesso Revenger has a set of all necessary protections.

Short circuit there is
From recharge / overdischarge there is
From high / low voltage there is
High / Low Resistance there is
From overheating there is
Current control there is
From unbalanced batteries there is
USB Input Protection there is
Height 89.5 mm
Width 45.5 mm
Thickness 28 mm
Weight without batteries 130 grams
Weight with batteries 218 g

Functions and characteristics

Navigation through the menu is not convenient. To switch modes, press the “Menu” button. The first is the VW mode. Next, the TC mode for stainless steel, nickel, titanium and two user profiles, then goes BYPASS mode. In the varivatta mode, pressing the “Menu” button three times, you can set the heating curve. For TC mode, by doing the same, you can set either a heating curve or set your own TCR. In the settings, you can set the desired preheating, for VW mode. The default value is NORM. Next, you can set preheating for TC mode. In the third menu item, you can set the time and date. Next, you can reset the settings to the factory settings. Revenger supports smart mode, which will automatically set the required power value. For a more detailed description of the functions of the device. - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting
output power 5-220 W
Output voltage 0-9 V
Maximum output current 50A
Modes of operation VW / TC-Ni / TC-Ti / TC-SS / TCR / BYPASS
Temperature range 200 – 600 ° F; 100 – 315 ° C
Resistance range 0.05-5 Ohm
Food 2 Li-ion batteries of 18650 format
Firmware Upgrade there is
Charging There is. Charging Current 2.5A
Connector 510th connector with spring-loaded pin
Materials Alloy aluminum, stainless steel, plastic


Due to the central location of the connector, the boxmode is fully compatible with atomizers up to 28 mm in diameter. There are no overhangs. - Free Image Hosting - Free Image Hosting

Below, for comparison of the dimensions, a photo is shown: Laisimo X7 Wyvern (2х18650) on the left, WISMEC Predator 228 (2х18650) on the right. - Free Image Hosting

There is no claim to ergonomics. The snatch is convenient, the size and weight do not cause discomfort during long operation. The button “Fire” just falls under the index finger. - Free Image Hosting

Mod caused conflicting feelings. On the one hand, a well-functioning “pay” and a huge functionality, catchy design and good ergonomics. On the other is a completely incomprehensible choice of glossy plastic as the body elements. The fact is that after a day of operation all the plastic elements were covered with a network of small scratches, which made the Revenger look like a workpiece that was only extracted from a sandblaster. Therefore, I can safely recommend Vaporesso Revenger to those who put it on the shelf in the collection and will admire it from afar, on cold winter evenings.

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