Smok has a new pod style vaporizer and it is called the Smok Novo. Novo means new and it is a very fitting name for their new device. Smok is serious when they named it the Novo as it has a brand new design that deviates from the Infinix and the Fit. It still works the same though as it also has no buttons, no screen display, and no adjustment settings.

Product Pros

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • 450 mah battery capacity
  • Convenient e-liquid filling design
  • Micro USB port for charging

Product Cons

  • Small 2 ml e-liquid capacity
  • No window to see the remaining e-liquid

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Smok Novo Review: Breakdown

Smok Novo available colors

Build Quality

Smok is one of the companies who never fail when it comes to build and design. People loved the Infinix and it became one of the “JUUL killers” because of its slim design and refillable pod but the Novo’s design is very different from the Infinix and the Fit.

It is wider but shorter which actually makes it look smaller than the Infinix. They added a little bit of width to the Novo to accommodate its bigger battery as it now has a capacity of 450 mah. The Novo’s look is very familiar as it now has Smok’s cobra pattern design and it works very well with its body construction.

The corners are rounded to make it ergonomic and the sides have this chrome-plated material to add a little bit of classy look to the overall design but it also makes it a fingerprint magnet so you have to constantly wipe it off to keep it shiny.

Just like Smok’s previous pod style devices, the Novo has no buttons and display. It only has a small battery LED indicator on the front and a micro USB port on the side for charging. It features an automatic draw system that means you use it by inhaling through the mouthpiece and it will produce vapors automatically.

The kit comes with 2 pods and just like the Infinix and the Fit, the pods are refillable. The pod has the same convenient filling design where there is a rubber plug on the side but the fill slot is slightly smaller than those on the Infinix so you have to be careful when refilling it.

Unfortunately, Smok didn’t include an e-liquid injection bottle to make the refilling easier. The Novo’s pod has an e-liquid capacity of 2 ml just like the Infinix and I wished they made it slightly bigger. Just like the previous products, the Smok Novo has various safety protections like low voltage protection, short circuit protection, and an 8-second cutoff to prolong the battery life and to make sure you can vape at ease.

The Smok Novo is available in 8 different color options and you get it in black, red, white, pink, blue, royal blue, green and rainbow.

Vapor Quality

The Smok Novo features an automatic draw system or what they call “air driven”, which means that as long as the device has enough power, it will continuously produce vapors when you take a drag on it.

The Smok Novo is a direct output device that can fire from 10 watts to 16 watts. A direct output means that it will fire at its strongest when the battery is full and it will go down on power as the battery drains. For high wattage and low resistance vape devices, this can be a con but the Smok Novo’s pod only has a resistance of 1.1 ohm so you really won’t notice the power drop as you vape.

The flavor you can get on the Smok Novo is superb and surprisingly, it can produce a good amount of vapor too despite its power and resistance. The Smok Novo is a mouth to lung device which means it has a tight and restrictive drag due to its small air holes that is why it really is perfect for the switchers.

Smok Novo tank detached


Just like any pod style vaporizers, the Smok Novo is a very simple device. You won’t be able to change how it vapes as it doesn’t have any adjustment settings. It also doesn’t have an adjustable airflow so it will always be a mouth to lung device.

Its pod is refillable so you can use any e-liquid you want to use but I recommend using a salt based e-liquid since it is a low powered device and has a high resistance coil.


The Smok Novo is a very compact and portable device. It is only 88.3 mm in height, 24.3 mm in length and 14.3 mm in width. It is a stealthy vape device that you can bring anywhere just like bringing a pen or a USB stick.

Smok Novo mouth piece


The Smok Novo is the perfect starter kit for those who want to switch to vaping or even the longtime vapers who want a stealthy little vaping device. If you missed on the Smok Infinix, I suggest getting this instead as it performs the same and it even has a larger battery.

I like the shape and design of the Novo more than the Infinix as it looks smaller and it is literally shorter. The air holes have the right amount of restrictiveness which gives you the perfect balance of flavor and vapor.

Now It’s Available :

SMOK Novo Pod System Kit

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