RTA Augvape Intake: Review

For those who like me enjoy vaper single coil, the new atomizer from Augvape, Intake RTA is one of the atomizers of the moment, good in restitution of flavors and easy to use it will undoubtedly seduce you.
The RTA Intake is a rebuildable steel and pyrex atomizer 24mm in diameter, it measures 50.5mm in height, has 2 airflows of 10mm by 3mm on the top of the tank.
Technically a bit like the Zeus, the air passes through two tubes connecting the airflow to the tray while arriving under your coil to deliver a maximum of flavor, guaranteed 100% without leakage.
The maximum capacity of the ato with the bubble tank is 4.2 ml. (Another more classic tank is provided in the pack with a smaller capacity of 2.5 ml).
Two drip-tips are provided, a black POM and a blue Delrin, both are in connection 810, but a 510 adapter is provided if you want to use RTA vote with a drip-tip 510.
In commerce or on the internet the RTA Intake is available in four colors: black, silver, gunmetal and blue.


Level finishes, it’s perfect, the threads are good, the paint resistant, the bayonet locking system t cap after filling is done in a quarter turn, you turn, it goes off, you fill your tank and it is gone my kiki, it’s a childish simplicity, still a good job at Augvape.


the tray is easy to coile, the studs are well positioned and even if we lack a little work space, I have experienced no difficulty in placing my first resistance.
as for the cotton, it is better to cut your cotton so that it exceeds that very slightly of your plate to make it rest on the top of the two slots to arrive of liquid, it will avoid you the dry hits that I had at my first assembly because I put too much cotton, the habit of Ammit


In conclusion, if you like to vaper single coil in aerial print on a guaranteed ato without leakage and that will offer you good flavors, go for it
The positive points:
Excellent manufacturing quality
Innovative Airflow
Good flavors
Good steam production
Zero leak
Easy coiling
the filling system
The price
Two Pyrex tanks included
Two drip-tips 810 included
An adapter 510
The negative points:
Draw not enough Aerial
No resistances included

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